Eva Collins : Photography and Writing

Eva Collins : photographer, writer, poet.

I have been frequently asked if there is a relationship between photography and writing. I think that both of these are ways of exploring the mystery of life and delivering a sense of wonder to the reader or viewer. Whilst photography works through the visual medium, writing I think has the same effect, but it’s more like listening to the radio - you have to ‘listen’ to the words on paper to conjure up the images.

Both work best when brevity is the key factor in their composition.

Subjects which I think work best with both photography and text area those with a political or social message - in this case, one reinforces the other.

As an undergraduate I never imagined that I would develop a passion for writing and photography. At that time I was fascinated by rational analysis and challenged to present my thoughts in a meaningful written form.

Later, I realised that there was ‘more to life’ than linear thinking. Tentatively, I started working in both mediums and felt like I came home.

When I’m shooting I’m in a non - verbal mode and I feel that I am experiencing life in a more direct way; I react to a stimulus and take a picture. There isn’t the interpretive, literate process of putting my experience into a code of symbols to communicate with other people. The pictures I take are both my reaction and my interpretation of the experience in one. Less is lost along the way.

My photography, poetry and journalistic pieces are in a way an extension of my earlier studies at the University. All of these disciplines propel me to go ‘behind the scenes’ and come close to the essence of things.